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Easy-to-use timebased one time password(TOTP) generator, compatible with Google Authenticator.

🔗 source code


# pnpm
pnpm i totp-auth

# npm
npm i totp-auth


import { createTOTP, countdown } from "totp-auth"
import { setInterval } from "timers/promises"

//secret from service provider
const secret = "abcd1234"

let totp = createTOTP(secret)
let expire = countdown()

// current TOTP and expiring time in seconds
console.log(`TOTP: ${totp}, expire: ${expire}`)

// keep counting down and refresh TOTP every 30 sec
for await (let _ of setInterval(1000)) {
  const cnt = countdown()
  if (cnt >= expire) totp = createTOTP(secret)
  expire = cnt
  console.log(`TOTP: ${totp}, expire: ${expire}`)

Error Handling

Not all strings can be secret key, invalid secret key will return a customizable error message.

// invalid secret -> default error message
createTOTP('asdf') // returns "invalid secret" 

// invalid secret w/ custom error message
createTOTP('asdf', undefined, 'bad key') // returns "bad key" 

Technical Details

📥 npm package download

code logic

  1. create base32 representation of the credential
  2. calculate HMAC hash from the credential with current time
  3. shift and trim 6 digit TOTP from the hash above


Both createTOTP and countdown are pure functions. Unit test with Jest are included.

The TOTP output could also simply verified by Google Authenticator output.


Algorithm ref: HMAC lib:


  • How can I extract secret keys from Google Authenticator?
  • use another npm package:
  • use chrome extension:


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