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Multilingual Voice Search

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Google voice search in languages different from your OS and location settings.

📥 Download @ Chrome Web Store

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Google voice search in browser pre-determined the language for you based on your OS, location, and google account settings. For instance, I can't search in Cantonese if I'm located in Taiwan using and an English OS...

This extension simply allow us to explicitly choose the language before making voice searches. So you are not bounded by the location, OS, or google account language settings anymore.


  • Perform Google voice search in various languages
  • assign keyboard shortcut
  • No special permission required for installation

How to use

demo 🎬

  1. allow using microphone in the browser
  2. select language
  3. speak 🗣️
  4. optionally add a handy shortcut in chrome extension settings

🔗 source code


Open a github issue or ping me on Twitter twitter-icon