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Mini Authenticator

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minimal open source 2FA authenticator that never store your secret keys

📥 Download @ Chrome Web Store


  • no special permission need: we don't read / write your web pages
  • simple and single-purpose: just paste your key and we generate the TOTP for 2FA
  • secure: we do NOT store your keys in any places (cookies, chrome storage, cloud ... etc)
  • offline: no sensitive data transmitted over the internet
  • open source: everyone can check the source code integrity

How to use

🎬 video demo

  1. click on the extension button
  2. paste your secret key
  3. get your 2FA passcode 🎉


I've used authenticators that are packed with features. They allow you to save your secret keys, sync them across different devices through the internet, also import/export the keys by QRCode. If you are looking for tools like that, I recommend this one, it's handy, open source and well documented 👍

However, password managers such as bitwarden, Apple Keychain ... etc already did a very good job in storing and syncing keys across devices. I want to rely on them in secret key management, and let the authenticator extension do only one thing - generate TOTP for 2FA, nothing more.

This is where Mini Authenticator comes in. It designed with a "less is more" philosophy in mind. I cut all functionalities that already handled by password managers, and only perform the pure mathematical calculation of TOTP. So it doesn't require storage, read/write your web pages, internet access, special permissions... etc. And most importantly, it's open source, so everyone can inspect and help improving it in future.

I agree that this extension is not for everyone, but only those already using password mangers to manage their secret keys, also those who concern about chrome extension permissions and abilities.

Technical Details

🔗 source code

How to build

git clone
cd mini-authenticator
npm install
npm run build

Run dev server

  • npm run dev
  • open http://localhost:5173/popup.html in browser

TOTP generation

I created a pure JS npm package to generate TOTP, please refer toto-auth for the program logic and implementation details.

Tech Stack

Though this is a simple chrome extension, a whole stack of modern web technologies have been employed to enhance the code quality and DX.

  • Vite: dev server w/ hot module reload
  • React: xss protection, component creation and state management
  • CRXJS: vite plugin that greatly enhance DX for creating chrome ext
  • tailwindcss: utility-first CSS framework
  • daisyUI: tailwind component library, color theme
  • Typescript: typed JS for better code quality


Open a github issue or ping me on Twitter twitter-icon