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Markdown to Dash Docset


Dash was my favorite documentation app on macOS. Besides reading tech docs, I also use it for reading tech books due to its handy search functionalities.

This python utils was created for converting ebook written in markdown to HTML files, that are suitable for generating Dash docset later on. It's written in jupyter format for easy debugging and exploratory coding. So you have to run with VSCode instead of running directly with python.

Tech Details

🔗 source code

After creating the HTML files, generate Dash docset with dashing CLI.

Python Packages

bs4 = "^0.0.1"
pyyaml = "^6.0"
markdown2 = "^2.4.6"
jupyter = "^1.0.0"
lesscpy = "^0.15.1"


  • put markdown files in src folder
  • edit config.yaml to suit your package
  • replace icon.png
  • run all cells in in VSCode
  • in terminal
  • cd output
  • run dashing build <package_name>

Need Help?

Open a github issue or ping me on Twitter