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Atom Editor Cell Navigation

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an Atom editor extension for quick navigation between jupyter cells

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cell navigation

  • Fast cell navigation with shortcut keys
  • Navigate, move and select code cells defined by # %%.
  • Enhance your coding experience with Hydrogen and Jupytext.


I'd like to bring the handy cell navigating experience from Jupyter Notebook to Atom.

Moving Cells

  • Move the cell under the cursor up / down
  • Move multiple cells at once on selected range of text
  • Add cell mark # %% automatically for top cell
  • All moves are undo-able

moving cells

Cell Selection

  • select single at cursor position
  • select multiple cells on selected range of text
  • select adjacent cells with shortcut keys

cell selection

Do it all together

  • navigate, select and move cells with only shortcut keys

select move and navigate cells


Open a github issue or ping me on Twitter twitter-icon