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Work Out Loud 🔊

While wandering in a bookstore one day, I stumbled upon a book recommended by Taiwan's IT Minister, Audrey Tang, which advocated for a work method known as work out loud.

After reading a few pages, I was immediately captivated and inspired. As a result, I took the time to organize my past works and toy projects, open-sourced them on Github, and documented the motivations and technical stacks that I utilized.

The outcome of this effort can be seen on this website, showcasing my work and interests, their rationale, and the logic behind the technical decisions I made while solving various problems. I hope you find them intriguing 😉

Mobile Apps

  • see all recent published iOS / macOS app here
app lang platform category repo
ZERO swift iOS + macOS strategy game git-logo
Video Compressor swift iOS utility
英漢字典 swift iOS education
同音字典 swift iOS + macOS education

Web Apps

app tech stack description repo
Speech Recognition PWA + Alpine.js + UnoCSS quick and easy speech synthesis PWA powered by Google Web Speech API git-logo

Chrome Extensions

extension lang description repo
Mini Authenticator ts minimal 2FA authenticator that never store your secret keys git-logo
Change Background Color js Change background color of the current site git-logo
Multilingual Voice Search js Google voice search in languages different from your OS and location settings git-logo

Python Packages

  • well documented and tested python packages published to PyPi
package lang description repo
Pipable py pipe operation in python git-logo
kTemplate py a minimalist python html template git-logo
Icon Resize CLI py CLI to create lossless icons in multiple sizes git-logo

NPM Packages

packages lang description repo
TOTP Generator ts time-based one-time-password generator git-logo


app lang / run description
doc2txt colab-logo extract text from epub, pdf and docx
Playwright Crawler colab-logo web scrapping of Taiwan reservoir storage
Raycast Scripts bash  py applescript-logo utilities such as image convert/compress, open vscode from Finder ... etc. with bash, python and apple-script
Personalize CangJie IME binder generate custom char set for 倉頡 IME in Windows
Selenium Crawler binder web crawler by Selenium, captcha resolved by Tesseract OCR

Legacy Projects

project lang description
Atom Cell Navigation coffee-script Atom editor extension for fast navigating between jupyter cells
Markdown to Dash Docset py convert md to HTML files that can be used for generating Dash docset
GData iOS Static lib obj-c iOS static library of Google Data APIs
認識佛教 iOS app obj-c 認識佛教 audio book player for iOS < v10